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Kalamandir Royale is an immense and luxurious upgrade to your favourite brand Kalamandir, it is a celebration of self in style with an astonishing touch of luxury. We take pride in being your fashion partner for all your special occasions, be it big (or) small. Our excellence comes in understanding customers' needs and providing them with the best that will surely make them stand out in the crowd. Kalamandir Royale is one of the most coveted ethnic fashion brands. This brand is owned by Sai Silks Kalamandir Ltd. which is established in the year, 2005.

Our objective is to become a part of your family celebrations. With this, we continue providing the finest and richest designs on luxuriant textiles that have been painstakingly created by local artisans and are intricately covered with traditional embroidery. As we have an eye for the exquisite, we house nothing but the exceptional. A pioneering team of weavers, artisans, & designers ensure to carry out the brand's vision seamlessly in every aspect. Kalamandir Royale is emerging as one of the best Luxury ethnic fashion houses with dedication and commitment.